Cloud Computing Operations and Performance Talk

I’m planning on pitching an excellent conference series on enterprise computing, operations, and performance.  I’m hoping to talk about our cloud infrastructure at SEOmoz for Linkscape.  In a nutshell we’re taking advantage of Amazon Web Services:

  • For long term storage and backup we use S3
  • For batch mode processing we periodically bring up an EC2 cluster
  • For serving our API we have an EC2 cluster which we scale up and down
  • Our API uses S3 as a high performance, mirrored block device
  • For load balancing we use ELB

In a talk at Velocity, I’d like to dig into performance and operational characteristics of our set up, as well as some of the trade-offs:

  • What low cost systems do we use for operational and performance monitoring?
  • What is the throughput, response time, etc. of our system, end-to-end?
  • How do each of the software and cloud infrastructure components contribute to end-to-end performance?
  • How do we test the performance of our cloud infrastructure?
  • What are some of the cost trade-offs we’ve made between cloud versus a traditional managed hosting, or co-location solution?

I’m curious what other people what to hear more about.  So please feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

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