EDIT: I was getting scraped too much, so I had to pull the tool down :( Fortunately, the code is open source and you can get a free Linkscape API key here.

Inspired by an article at Jane and Robot about domain canonicalization (and the fact that I’m the lead developer on the Linkscape API), I decided I’d write a small application using the Linkscape Free API to help with a common problem: checking canonicalization of website home pages.

I spend a lot of time answering SEOmoz Q&A and I see canonicalization problems come up all the time.  No matter what the size of the site, or savvy of the engineering team, this is just an easy problem to miss.  But it’s also easy to fix.  You just have to find those pesky canonicalization errors.


The tool doesn’t scrape any sites.  All of the data is pulled from the Linkscape API.  And everything here is possible using only the free API.  All of the code is available in my github repository.  There’s plenty of documentation there and that’s a good place for any discussion about the code.  Feel free to take it and use it in whole or in part on your site in any application.  You’ll just have to sign up for a free API key.

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